Core Competencies and Technologies

Core Competencies and Technologies

We use our core competencies and technologies to develop superior products that deliver real and unique benefits to the user.

InnovaTek’s development process starts with ideation, the creative process of finding potential solutions to customers needs. Ideas are assessed using modeling and preliminary investigations and if they are determined to be feasible we conduct a detailed investigation leading to the design and development of the new product. Testing and validation then take place to verify performance and establish manufacturability. The final step is commercialization consisting of full production and market launch.

Core Competencies

  • Catalysis
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electro-Chemistry
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mechanical Engineering

Core Technologies

  • Catalytic Reforming
  • Control Systems
  • Fuel Cell Systems
  • Fuel Processing
  • Membrane Separation
  • Micro Technology
  • Thermal Management
  • Water-Gas Shift Reaction